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Salvador Jimenez Hernandez was born in the large and bustling city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the birth place of the Mariachi. At the tender age of seven, Salvador started to learn the guitar and vihuela under the watchful eye of his father who was a composer and singer of Mariachi and Ranchero music. In 1980 he entered the School of Music at the University of Guadalajara studying traditional Mariachi music and mastering in Mariachi instruments and vocals. He since played with various groups of Mariachis developing his skills as a singer, s composer and musician. His music took him away from his roots to Asia where he lived for a few years in Hong Kong, playing with a Mariachi band there, in Macau and also China, however, in the year 2000 he moved to the UK taking his talent and music with him where he currently plays in his Mariachi band, “THE MARIACHIS” which he formed in 2002 in London and is the band leader.


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Limber Cotrina vargas was born in Comapara, the Capital of the province Manuel Maria Caballero, department of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia. Limber started playing traditional Bolivian music in secondary school where he formed a band with 4 other friends. They played in many festivals in his province, also winning prizes representing the school. Ignoring his parent’s advice to continue to study, Limber followed his musical dream and moved the large city of Santa Cruz. Here he first started playing Mexican music with an uncle and cousin and studied music courses. From there, Limber began to play the accordion professionally earning his living as a musician. His music took him to venues around the area landing him a job with the well known and prestigious Mariachi group called Mariachi Santa Cruz whom he remained with for 7 years. He found himself looking for more adventure and ended up in the UK in 2004 where he studied English and continued playing Mariachi Music. The following year, in 2005, he met Salvador and joined “THE MARIACHIS”.


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Roberto Jimenez Torres was born in the huge and crowded capital of Mexico known as D.F (Distrito Federal or Mexico City). His first awareness of his enjoyment of music was at aged three or four years old where he would sing along with his father at family gatherings. When he was 14, he bought his first guitar and started playing and singing in church and choral ensembles. Roberto studied accountancy at university in Mexico City but his studies took him away from his homeland to the UK shores where he continued his studies and gained a masters degree in management in 2001. Roberto has played with several bands performing different music styles although not professionally when in 2008 he met Salvador and started to play on occasions with “THE MARIACHIS”. He officially joined the band in 2011. Roberto is the lead vocalist with English covers and shares the lead vocals of Mariachi music with Salvador.


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Juan Gerardo Rojas Meneses was born in the small city of Graneros in Chile. His first musical interests was at the age of 12 years when he played in a band with the boy scouts. At 18 years of age, Juan entered university to study music where he got his degree. After this time, he worked with different orchestras in Santiago de Chile making several appearances also on television. Years later, Juan moved to Bolivia and for 18 years he worked with orchestras, was in a jazz quartet and also a big band. It was at this time he learned to play several musical instruments including Bolivian Folkloric instruments. At the height of his career, Juan composed many songs and did the musical arrangement for many artists in Chile, Bolivia and England. It was also at this time his love and passion for Mariachi music was apparent. Juan’s artistic talent brought him to the UK where he started to teach musical instruments to children and young adults and it was at this time he met Salvador becoming a member of “THE MARIACHIS”.
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